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Director of IT Infrastructure




March 4, 2024




Under the leadership of the Vice-President, the Director of IT Infrastructure will have as his main mandate to ensure the smooth running of IT operations and infrastructures. In addition, he will ensure the evolution of infrastructure and contribute to the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives in terms of technology.

Responsibilities :

  • Maintain and develop IT, office and telephone infrastructures according to operational requirements, business needs and business growth;
  • Participate in the definition of the company’s technological orientations in the short, medium and long term, taking into account business issues, the standards to which the company is subject and technological and budgetary imperatives;
  • Recommend technology alignments and investments in systems;
  • Negotiate, manage and monitor service agreements with external vendors;
  • Supervise IT technical support activities and ensure satisfaction while respecting predefined IT norms and standards;
  • Mobilize employees to achieve performance objectives by creating a favorable work environment;

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on IT or computer science or a related field;
  • Minimum 10 to 15 years of relevant experience;
  • Minimum 5 to 7 years of experience in managing a team of more than 10 people;
  • Ability to communicate one’s point of view with the company’s management;
  • Be proactive and customer service oriented;
  • Be an agent of positive change;
  • Demonstrate leadership;
  • Collaborative team player;
  • Adaptability, flexibility and versatility in a growing environment.

Language :

  • Bilingualism essential (spoken and written French-English).
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