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Sonya Thayer, Founder

With more than 30 years of experience in IT consulting and operations management in the field of information technologies, Sonya has held leading roles as Vice President and Associate for the last 20 years. She is a leader in the management of IT services.

Sonya has great interpersonal skills to develop and manage senior professional teams, promote a culture of continuous improvement and create positive synergies through increased collaboration between stakeholders. Over time, Sonya has developed a large clientele in the Finance and Investment sector and a good knowledge of the financial field. She has also worked with clients in banking, insurance, health, education and other fields. Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration from HEC with a dual specialization in Information System and Marketing, Sonya also holds a College degree in Computer Science from Sherbrooke College.

"I am a passionate person who excels in business development and interpersonal relationships. I am known for my constant concern for the satisfaction of my clients and the well-being of my consultants. Communication is for me the key to success and I make sure I remain available to all my clients, colleagues and consultants. ''

— Sonya


Cofina’s mission is to offer the services of qualified professionals in Information Technology in the following areas: Finance, Business Intelligence (BI) and Communication according to the specific needs of each client. Cofina offers a pleasant and humane work environment for its consultants. We build long-term business relations and we serve our clients in exceptional ways. Cofina surrounds itself with committed, motivated and respectful experts whose goal is to provide unparalleled services. We are focused on results, the satisfaction of our clients, our employees and our consultants.

Our Vision

What the clients are looking for:

Professionals who fit into their teams, bringing their expertise and experience while respecting the organization’s methodologies and ways of doing things.

What the consultants are looking for:

A firm capable of supporting them throughout its mandate at the client and offering a healthy and respectful work environment. A consultant who is well treated in his firm is more inclined to deliver quality service to his client.


  • We make sure to be well informed and understand the specific needs of the manager.
  • At the beginning of an assignment, we make sure with the client that the consultant integrates well into his new team.
  • Then we carry out regular follow-ups with the managers to ensure that the mission is carried out to their complete satisfaction.
  • We do not hesitate to take corrective action when necessary.
  • At the beginning of each new assignment, we make sure that the consultant has received all the relevant information about the client and its internal procedures in order to succeed. We also exchange on the values ​​of our firm.
  • We carry out regular follow-ups onsite with the managers at the client. Communication is the key factor in the success of a project.
  • We offer our consultants practice meetings by role or specialty, cocktails and team lunches in an atmosphere of exchange and relaxation and we manage them in a human way.